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In striving to deliver a constant standard of excellence to all that we do, the same attention to detail we bring to our designs and installations goes into our maintenance services.
Most of our clients retain us to perform ongoing maintenance of the garden we
designed and installed for them. Regular maintenance ensures the health of a garden and optimally maximizes its potential. By ‘training’ perennials, annuals and shrubs, supervising the care of trees by a tree maintenance company and keeping an eye on water features and the plants and fish therein, we are helping the garden to unfold as originally envisioned and designed. Our maintenance services also extend to gardens we did not design and install. We can bring new life to old gardens by restoring them to their former beauty, or provide the skilled direction a newer garden requires to help it realize its full potential.

Just as no two flowers are ever alike, nor are the gardens that we design, install and maintain. Each garden is a unique creation that reflects its keeper’s personality and vision and provides a welcome sanctuary for all who enter it.

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