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Philippe Soule was born in France in 1968 and spent his early childhood years living in several African countries. In those early formative years Philippe developed a respect and appreciation for the natural world and it's secrets and mysteries.

Arriving in New York City in 1993, his interest and passion for the natural world brought him to the New York Botanical Gardens and an evening class on Landscape design, which he credits as being the catalyst for launching a new chapter in his life.

For Philippe, landscape design is a style of bridging modern life and the natural world. Through simplicity and respect for nature, his designs strive to integrate the habits of everyday life with a natural and organic environment, ultimately creating a "living stage" of harmony and healing power.  Philippe's focus is on naturalistic designs that incorporate the use of native plants.

Finding this healing power already existing in nature has brought Philippe to a commitment of learning, training, and the evolution of his craft through observation and peaceful understanding of nature. "Life should be much simpler than we have been taught, and striving for this simplicity is within our power."


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